Camry sleeper

Toyota Unveils Camry Sleeper at SEMA 2014

During the 2014 SEMA auto show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Toyota unveiled a surprise Camry sleeper to the world. But this is a Camry that you can’t necessarily buy from the company, or any dealership for that matter. This souped up Camry features the outer shell of the well-known Toyota vehicle but boasts an unusual interior….

Toyota Headquarters

Toyota Headquarters Says Hello to Plano

Plano, Texas welcomed Toyota USA CEO Jim Lentz, among many others to their town to celebrate the future home of the National Toyota Headquarters. The purpose of the visit was to have a good time with the citizens of Plano while letting them know that Toyota is going to be there to promote happiness and…

Top Global Brand

Toyota Named Top Global Brand

Every year, the company Interbrand (specializes in brand identity, strategy, and analytics) releases a ranking of the 100 Best Global Brands. This year, we were not surprised to find Toyota listed as the top global brand on this prestigious list. Toyota was named the most valuable automotive brand worldwide for the eleventh year in a…

green vehicles

America’s Top 12 Green Vehicles

Green vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world, no longer something that only so-called “tree huggers” own. We are all becoming more aware of environmental crises in today’s world, including the emissions created by vehicles. Some of us are more conscious than others, but it’s the effort that counts. The creators of…

last a lifetime

Toyota Vehicles That Will Last a Lifetime

When you go to purchase a vehicle, you assume that piece of well-crafted machinery will last a lifetime. You paid thousands of dollars for it; of course it will last forever! Or at least long enough to be worth the cost. Unfortunately, depending on the brand and type of vehicle, that is not always the…

name your car

National Name Your Car Day – October 2nd

When it comes to the things we own, we tend to get a little possessive. Let’s be honest, you’ve named things that aren’t actually alive, including things like: your computer, phone, and yes, even your car. Well, to put your mind at ease and to keep you from thinking that you’re absolutely insane, we’re here…

self-driving cars

Self-Driving Cars – Safety on Wheels or Not?

The idea of a car that drives itself is incredibly enticing but how safe are these self-driving cars? We’re here to do some investigating on the subject and see where we stand with the new technology hitting the streets any time soon. They sound like the ultimate fantasy, what our dreams were made of as…

texting and driving

Texting and Driving – An Epidemic That Needs to Stop

In today’s world, technology is something we absolutely cannot go without. We use it in our everyday lives, and rely on it for the simplest of tasks. From smartphones to tablets to laptops and GPS systems, today’s generation knows nothing other than this amazing technology. But with this technology comes a great responsibility. Because of…

fall leaves

Take a Fun Drive through the Fall Leaves

It’s almost that time of year when the fall decorations come out of the attic and Halloween movies are being snuck into our television programming. The onset of fall can be an exciting time for those who don’t entirely enjoy the blazing heat of the sun during the summer months. Not only is it a…

best and worst drivers

Best and Worst Drivers in America

There are bad drivers everywhere in the country, just as there are good ones in other places across America. But where exactly are the best and worst drivers in the U.S.? Well, we’ve compiled a bit of information regarding this heated issue and we’re ready to divulge you. Have you ever been driving and seen…